Let's Move Sui

Learn to build anytime, anywhere, and anything on Sui


This course follows the stories of Sui Frens that are born from SuiFrenGroup and pick up experience over time through various games and activities to evolve into better and stronger versions. In this course, learners are introduced to objects, the fundamental building block of Sui Move, and learn best design patterns and practices for creating, managing and combining objects into more powerful applications. This will set the foundation for more advanced courses later that dive into more sophisticated applications leveraging standards on Sui such as Coin and NFT (Kiosk) and application-specific design patterns such as Defi, Gaming, etc.
This course dives into the standards on Sui such as NFTs and Coins, Sui’s own ERC-20 and ERC-1155 equivalents, and shows learners how to combine them into their applications. Different design patterns regarding managing NFTs from manual (creator-based) to automated (shared object based) are discussed with hand-on exercises to build a deeper understanding and intuition. This course will help both new developers and those already familiar with similar concepts on other networks to quickly pick up the unique concepts on Sui and how to build rich and flexible applications. This also sets the foundation for learners to later dive into courses that cover full e2e development and how to take a full application on other chains (Solidity/EVM, Sui/Move) and build similar yet much simpler applications on Sui, thanks to the expressibility and simplicity of the Object model.
This course dives into the various libraries and data structures that developers have access to on Sui. After this course, learners will be able to choose the right data structures for their applications and find the right balance between complexity, convenience, and design simplicity. In addition, this course will discuss antipatterns and pitfalls with misusing the Sui Framework. Lastly, this course covers unit testing and how to properly set up tests in Sui Move for ease and maximum test coverage.